Galvanizing anchor rods up to 4.000 MM, ready for use

Thielco Steel Solutions Group has been the go-to expert for the anti-corrosion surface treatment of fasteners. Recent years have shown an explosive increase in demand for hot dip galvanizing of threaded rods up to 10.9, that are used as anchoring in the construction of wind turbines, geotechnics, hydro engineering and generic construction industry. Thielco has responded to this demand by developing an unique production line, specifically for these products, to enable rework-free hot dip galvanizing.

Proper corrosion protection extents the life of fasteners significantly, hereby contributing to longer maintenance intervals and general lifecycles of the construction in which they are applied. With the always increasing requirements for sustainability, it is not unexpected that parts that did traditionally not get any corrosion protection treatment, due to costs or technical limitations, now do need to be treated to meet the demands. Hot dip galvanizing is the obvious way to go: by dipping a steel product in hot, liquid zinc, a zinc layer forms that alloys with the steel, providing a strong protection against corrosion. 

Zooming in on full threaded rods / anchors of M20-M56 up to 4.000 mm, the first challenge is to keep the thread clean of zinc residue. Where shorter parts can be centrifuged to sling off excess zinc after dipping to achieve a clean thread, this is not possible with longer products. Up until now, to preserve the function of the thread, it had to reworked either manually with a steel brush, or re-rolled by a thread rolling machine, adding a process step and damaging the zinc layer.

Using the new facility, the anchors are instantly and non-mechanically cleaned after galvanizing, inline, while they are still hot. This leaves the zinc layer fully intact and the product is ready to use immediately, ready to be shipped from Thielco to the end customer, if so required.

As the rods are galvanized horizontally, instead of vertically, there are no differences between in zinc layer thickness on both sides of the product and no drops or sharp edges will form on the lowest point.

As with all Thielco processes, the risk of hydrogen embrittlement is absent, using adjusted pre-treatment systems, that are constantly measured and documented. Moreover, the process is fully automated and recipe driven, ensuring full replicability of results as well as perfect traceability of each and every production batch.

Thielco aims to deploy this innovative facility to support the supply chain partners in working leaner and smarter to maintain a strong competitive position in the world. From the strategic location on the Dutch-German border, Thielco serves customers throughout Europe with short lead times and high flexibility.

Foundation of a wind turbine.
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